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A surprise birthday gift for Nuffnang Singapore!
Friday, March 21, 2008
2 days before I was due to drive up to KL for our first birthday bash, I recieved this package at our singapore office.

A presentttt!!!! I inspected the package. It was wrapped up rather cutely in a "Congratulations on your new baby!" wrapping paper. With my curiousity piqued, I proceeded to pick the wrapping apart carefully.

A rather "naughty" message greeted me once that was done. "Notice! The box contains "tools" which are VERY SEXY, VERY KINKY and VERY XXX rated!!! Proceed with caution, unsuitable for the young!"

It continued, "What you can find in the box:

(i) 6 Dildos
(ii) 15 Lubricant Tubes
(iii) 6 Penis Erection Rings
(iv) 40 condoms

You have been warned!"

Now I was interested!!! I ripped open the top, to find .... to my disappointment ..... .... ....

Cheesels, Marshmallows, Chupa Chups, and M&Ms.

WTF are my dildos and Penis Erection Rings!!!????

During christmas time, the Nuffnang KL office also recieved a care package (check out the video).

The Nuffies in penang and singapore felt so unloved, and of course green with envy! NOT ANY MORE!!! Now the penang Nuffies are alone in their envy and lack of love! Thank you Mr Anonymous!


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> A surprise birthday gift for Nuffnang Singapore!

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