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Cause I'm always ready, I won't let you out of my sight!
Sunday, October 15, 2006
We waited, and waited ... ... the anticipation teeming. Was this guy going to break the all time record by failing the lifeguard proficiency test miserably? Hey, he looks like he's struggling! We better send somebody in there after him ...

"I want my doughnut! I want my doughnut! Just a little bit more! ROAARRR!!!"

No scene in baywatch Singapore would be complete without the token ang mohs cheering and clapping in the background. Notice how close they were to the shore. The performance clearly inspired confidence.

Ok lah, enough meany ming. Gen is right, Tua Kee actually brings out the mean streak in you. Mr H actually passed his proficiency test. Well done my man! Doughnuts on the houseee!!!

We lingered for a while more to watch our hero huffing and puffing for water. He was shagged! Like I would be lah! Right there and then I set myself a target! Let it be known! Ming is going to condition himself to do the test! And break all the records!

Anyway, back to the transformation of sentosa. Palawan Beach is now a really cool place to just "hang out". I mean, save for the view of container ships on the horizon, the lagoon looks inviting and the sand fine. Also, there are numerous eating and drinking outlets, like Movenpick Ice Cream overlooking the infamous "Southernmost point of continental asia" which is linked to the continent by a bridge, a bridge and then another bridge.

Besides Movenpick, and the Kou Fu Food Court, there is also an expansive 24 hour 7-11 (Commonsense prevails!) and numerous other shops, like one selling beach wear.

There's something else too. As I was ambling along the beach path, I noticed music playing in the background! The folks at Sentosa have installed an outdoor speaker system! I thought it was quite a cool idea, and was about to suggest the idea to my father for our garden ... until I had a closer look!

Bose acoustics for crying out loud! Pretty cool.

Our next stop was the Sentosa Sky Luge. I had been there a couple of months ago with Tiam, and actually enjoyed myself. Ben and Gen had not been before, so off we were. We took the new tram to Siloso beach and then the chair lift up. Thanks to ben's pretty friend who admitted us for half price.

I'm not very good with heights, and midway up, I dropped my poor camera (Thank god it wasnt my nikon!). I saw it rolling down the slope, and thought it was all over for my trusty Sony T5 ... but I was determined not to let it spoil my ride, or my bid to break my previous speed record

After Ben and Gen had a taste of my trail of smoke, I approached one of the staff who very kindly climbed up the hill to get my camera.I turned it on with eager eyed anticipation already thinking about which new camera model to get, but HEY PRESTO! The thing works! And not even a scratch worse off! Thanking god under my breath, the only trace of regret came from the knowledge a great afternoon was soon coming to an end.


hahahaa i like ur posts

they're so... what's the word for it? merry

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