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I lurp toys r us
Sunday, October 08, 2006
Went to Vivocity yesterday for it's soft launch. For those not in the know, Vivocity is Singapore's newest and largest shopping mall. As if we din't have enough. Well, for three bored Singaporeans it was quite a fun afternoon out actually. After gorging ourselves on the best teochew porridge in Joo Chiat (Which we din't have enough cash to pay for!), we decided to go kaypoh.

They had all these "characters" role playing. This "traffic warden" was well up for it, and getting into the groove. I really don't know how he's going to live with himself. Maybe his gf will fancy a little roleplay with him in that outfit ... err ... maybe not lah ...

These guys are quite cool actually. They're supposed to give you info when you need it. But when you ask them, they actually say, errr I'm not sure, I'm just as clueless as you are .... this place is new you know ... quite nice ah ...

Check out the modern day slide!!! Aint it cool!??? I was half tempted to kick those kids off and get on ...... a good twack on the head, some hokkien expletives, gor gor wants to get on, so beat it kiddo!

My friends weren't with me on that one though ... aiyahhh .... insteaddd, they were content to head off to Toys R Us for the second time in a weeek (Third for them)! Ah ben and gen, I love you ... and so does geoffrey the giraffe ... ben the tua kee took the gay photos as I had to maintain my ultra suave persona ...

Yeah thats it ... right there!

Next, we were off to Villa Bali to play Uno. Gen is a cheeky cheater butt ... here she is working her magic. I mean I started with 7 cards, she started with 11! And she still won! What a hustler ... I'm watching you ... ...

Villa Bali is a tropical oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the city! I discovered the place quite a while back and brought some friends there, making them swear an oath of silence ... oh yeah did that work(They all brought their dates ... it was over from then)! It became sooo crowded, I havnt been back there for 2 years (I hate crowded and noisy places)!

Thankfully at 5pm on a Saturday, we had the place all to ourselves and the mosquitoes.

The weekend is almost over :-(



Hey, been a long time since the last villa bali dude. And all of us are supposed to be in the pic!

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