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Brand new me!
Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Back in the day, I used to swim competitively for Tanglin Club and my school, ACS. I would train day and night, swim a thousand laps a week (No, really), all in anticipation of district and national finals. Swimming, like most other sports is a mental battle as much as a physical one. The endless laps are meant to condition your body and perfect your techniques, but doing that alone will never win you races. I mean, everybody trained just as hard, and yet only a select few ever come up tops. I believe I know what did it for me, those times I won. It is this.

You've seen jaws the movie right? Well, I always imagined, the guy swimming behind was coming after me, closing in, and if I looked back, or stopped for even a split second, I would be swallowed up, and would lose. The competitions I won, I raced for my life, every ounce of energy going into every purposeful stroke. I din't look back, I din't stop kicking or stroking, heck sometimes I din't even breathe, I just swam, all the way till my fingers touched the end of the pool. Only then, did I look up. The thrill to know you have come in first, and have decimated the competition is something I truly miss.

In any case, all this has a point. Recently, I've found myself a new obsession. Bodybuilding. Nooo ... I'm not going to be one of those vein popping freaks that scare the pants out of your grandmother. But, damn, look at Vicent Ng's Abs ....

Yes that is what I'm talking about. It is purely insane how he has built up that body. But guess what??? I'm a man on a mission!!! Vincent says ten weeks, I say eight! By January next year, I'm going to be hunky dory Ming (Maybe not as hunky as him lahhhh)!

My motivation??? One determined bull of an ex swimmer, Mr Benjamin Chan. My dear friend decided to embark on a little competition with me. I dunno when it happened, but after I had started going to the gym for a while, he started his own routine, and has been going for three days straight!!! My sources also tell me, he's hired himself a personal trainer, and cut down on his diet too. I feel the presence of this guy close behind me, and I'm going to kick and stroke with all my life to ensure I win the race!

After eating fried chicken with Arya and Gen today (The woman had casting vote, her fault!), I went to my favourite store, Kinokuniya, and discovered there the one advantage I have over you my friend. Booksss! Ah ben really does not see the advantages of reading books, and can't comprehend why I spend so much money on them. Mwahahahaha, that will be your downfall!

For anyone thinking of getting Vincent Ng's book, "Ten", I highly recommend it. It only costs 25 bucks, and after having scanned the book, comes with many useful nuggets of information.

For example, by the first chaper, I had discovered how to calculate my Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Basically speaking, god's gift to all of us. It's the energy we burn by living our daily lives. I burn approximately 2317 calories a day.

For men: It's 67 + (13.728 x weight in kg) + (508 x height in metres) - (6.9 x age)

For women: It's 661 + (9.636 x weight in kg) + (175.2 x height in metres) - (4.7 x age)

Yes, apparently the heavier you are! The more you burn! YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Or not ....

Anyway, in addition to vincent's book, my favourite magazine has now switched from "Nuts" (which sadly I cannot get in singapore) to "Men's health"!

Bye bye to great title pullers like "Saucy Undies" and "Cheeky Fishnets" ... sigh ...

It's all about "Six Pack Abs in 5 easy steps"! ... mwahahahahhaah ...

Hey ... wait a minute, what's this article about phone sex doing in here? Hmmnnnn .... oh really ... uh huh .... ohhh so thats how you do it ....

I think I could get used to this new life of mine after all ....


HELLO, CAN YOU PLEASE SWIM IN BOARDSHORTS. oh my eyes! heehee kidding lah! :D

lol jiayi

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