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Eat some more part 2
Monday, November 20, 2006
As if indulging in a rich italian meal was not enough, on Saturday night, I had to go for hot pot! I had arranged a mini-reunion with some of my friends from LSE, and they happened to choose what is only my favourite restaurant in the whole wide world. The magic of chong qing hot pot! YUUMMMMMMMMMYYY!!!!

For the un-initiated, thats mala huo guo, or mala hot pot. The hot pot originated from Chong Qing, and you get to choose between a chicken based soup, or a red hot spicy option.

The magic of chong qing hot pot which is located on the fourth floor of Tanglin Shopping Centre is the orginal mala huo guo. Don't bother with the copy cats and cheap imitators at beach road, this is the place it all began (I've been patronising for about a decade)!

Lunchtime is where you get the most bang for your buck. For something like 16.90+++, you get an all you can eat buffet which is expansive to say the least. The best thing is its an ala carte style buffet, and the ingridients are really fresh. Ahhh the streaky baconnn .... thats great heart attack food right there ....

They call this place the "magic of chong qing hot pot" for a reason. There is a distinct hurt so good feeling you'll go through in the morning that'll make it ALLLL worth it. Yes I lurvee this place so much, if you're a good friend of mine, it's like baptising our friendship to come here .... hehe .... :-P

The eating din't stop there! On sunday night, off it was to Denka's place for BBQ. Seriously, 63 Branksome Road, is definitely BBQ central. We've had countless BBQ parties since I got back, and it's always a great opportunity to catch up.

Notably, one of our friends (I'm so privileged to know him), Ray was recently featured as a "modale" on FHM. Yes, suave, sexy ray juan of portugese and philippino descent, CEO of JR concepts, counts amongst his many talents, male modelling. Girls, did I mention he drives a beemerrr? When he first got it, he pulled up into the driveway of Far East Plaza, with his cap, music blaring out, nodded to us, twinkle in his eye and all, and drove offf!!!

We got a signed copy! Yayyy!

TO offset the eating, I did do sommee excercise .... KTV!!!! Yes, that is the second thing Denka's parties are good for. He's got an excellent on-demand system with all the latest songs, and I was well up for it, having not gone for a good number of months.

KTV is about singing as much as it is about listening to other people sing. There are all kinds, people who don't exactly sound like andy lau but have a great time singing it (Amos Kwok) to singers who execute a song so flawlessly, you wonder how much time they've spent practicing!

Ezann is of the latter company. She sings with such ease and exuberance, I offered in jest to produce her album should she want to quit acting. Here she is gamely posing whilst singing. Yes, she is a natural in front of the camera. The next sun yan zi! Chase your dreams!

A weekend of non stop eating was capped by an evening of song and laughter. I may have taken a step back in my quest for hunky dory ming, but hey, it was all worth it.

p.s. I learnt of a new song during KTV. Really nice. Check it out. The imagery and power of chinese songs simply cannot be outdone by english ones.

If you feel it in your heart, and you understand me. Stop right where you are, everybody sing along with me!


don't forget u went to botak jones as well and didn't finish the burger!!
haha you'll never hear the end of it..

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