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The doing!
Monday, December 18, 2006
With stanley back, and eager to have a party too, we decided one afternoon to take the first step! Print out invitation cards! There is a funny story here. When we organised the 10 Joan Road party almost 3 years ago, we went to a printer at Park Lane shopping centre, and designed what we thought (or according to stanley, what I thought) was the epitome of coolness. Our calling card .... in my defence, I've got to say was created under joint consensus! This is it ...

Ok, so the font looks like a 12 year old's BBQ party, hey nobody disagreed when we were shown the proof copy, and there were three of us there! Plus shedloads of people attended, so to me, its all semantics.

Anyway, determined not to make the same mistake, I took FULL responsibility for the printing out of invites for my party. Having decided on the theme of a champagne party, yeah, we thought being older it was time to be a little more mature (no beer), I envisioned a simple calling card. Something you might recieve for a charity gala dinner.

I'm a sentimental fuddy duddy, so I insisted we went back to the very same printer we had gone to those years back. The son was now running the place, and din't really have an impression of us (which I felt slightly dissapointed at). Anyway, under my direction, and with what limited resources we had (i.e., no graphics and lower budget), this was our answer.

If you like it, great! If you don't, talk to the hand ... cause the face don't want to hear it bitch! Hahaha, that last bit, "From the organisers of the 10 Joan Road party" ... we thought it would be a laugh for all those who knew us and had actually been for that party. For those who hadn't been, we thought it might pique their curiousity, just a bit more.

After printing out the cards, we sat in Mr Bean Cafe plotting and planning. We set about furiously calling our friends and looking through our friendster accounts to call up long lost acquaintances. We were all hyped up and ready to go. Over the next two weeks, I was to continually push my friends to promote the event, and also gather commitments and contributions.

When you organize an event of this scale, it is very often a thankless task. On the flipside, it can prove to be an opportunity to test your friendships. A party of this scale required resources ... and resources would need to be activated. I was determined this party would be a success, and something we could look back to and smile at.


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