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Fast forward to the party!
Friday, January 05, 2007
I've been sooooo busy its not even funny. I'm going to just have to put up some photos of the champagne party so I can clear the backload. Got so much to blog about, but so little time to do it! I am a lazy blogger!

Anyway, here are some more photos of the preparation that went into the party. Many thanks to my able assistants in James, Stanley, Arya, and later, Ben. I lurpe you all! What would I do without you guys?

And also to those people who contributed spirits!

Yes, there's the cheeky girl, shan shan, who actually said she was going to Zouk Out instead of my party, cause there were hunks there ... ... :-(

The sound and lighting people think its funny too ...

Check it out! The lights on the celing of the porch ... bery nice ...

And the dance floor all set up!!! Now we're talking ... all we need are the people!

Truthfully, I was well worried. I had pitted myself against Zouk Out, and it was already 9pm (Invite stipulated 9) ... would all this prep go to waste?

HELL NO! ZOUK WHAT!!?? I can't hear you bitch!

We had a token ang moh (No james, not you) covered in ang kongs (tatoos) from New York. He said he was a cop down there ... somehow it was hard to believe ...

Don't ask me how ... but even a group of night cyclists turned up ... what they were thinking ... I have no idea ...

Being a host is not easy ... and all I drank that night ... a can of green tea ...

WHAT A NIGHT! See you at the next one!


That's what you came home early to do!

Yes, and you got home at 5!!! Dunno how you do it lah!!! :-)

And wait a minute ... isn't after 4am "bad girl" timing? Tsk ...

wahh what a party!

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