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Divine act of intervention
Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Even though I graduated from the LSE, nearly 8 months back now, old habits die hard, and I still have the home page of my browser as www.lse.ac.uk.

So I got home tonight, opened up my browser, about to do my usual rounds on the sites I frequent, when I noticed this on the LSE website.

For those who can't see, it reads:

"Urgent Notice, Monday 12th Febuary, 1145AM- All of the LSE campus is closed today because of a power cut in the holborn area. Please do NOT come to school today. "

I looked to my bbc.co.uk news site (one of those other die hard habits I'm unlikely to ever kick), and this is what I saw (Click on photo to read article).

3 years at the LSE, and not one act of divine intervention like that to stop me from going to school! Come on!!!!

Hehe, besides Cash in the attic, car boot sale (GREAT GREAT BBC MORNING SHOWS), and my electric duvet ... ahhhh ... I miss lazing on my couch in london.


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