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Friday, February 23, 2007
I collected mucho mucho ang pow! My first time in four years! (Been away in London for past three years).

There is always a buzz in the air around the chinese new year period. One of the things my mum always reminds me to do is to buy new underwear for chinese new year. So, off I went, on the day before with Stanley to buy new underwear!

Check it out! Hush puppies with the "FU" word emblazoned on it! POW WOW! Ban luck!!! Ban Ban!!! Mwahahahahaha
All I can say is ... ... it worked!!! Mwahhaahahaahahahahahahah ... wink wink. Have you seen the dealer at a table on the last three hands wipe everybody out! Ban Luck, 20, Ban Ban!

First day, I went about visiting relatives and the like. At night, Louie hosted us at his place for steamboat and some after activities.

Second day, went out for more visiting with just my sisters, as my mum and dad were busy preparing for open house at mine. At night the guys came over, had dinner, and more after activities (wink wink, think you're seeing the trend, it only happens once a year lah!). After mine, it was off to zouk for some partying ... all the way till 5 in the morning.

There was hardly any rest on the third day, and I had to get up at 8 in the morning, because I had promised to meet Darren, Tienping and Tze Shiang for breakfast! So at 8, I gave darren a call hoping Tze Shiang had not been in touch with him yet .... ... he had, so I dragged out my ass out of bed and set off to pick up darren.

We went to this place I had always wanted to try. Its a cosy little bakery cum french pattisiere/cafe called Choupinette, along Bukit Timah Road.
There is a really sweet story behind this place. It was a surprise christmas gift from Anges Verrier's husband in 2002. I had heard rave reviews about their breakfast so off we went to try it out!

All three of us that is .... .... Mr TienPing Tan, despite having 6 good hours of sleep, failed to join us ... TSK TSK .... Thats the empty chair he was supposed to have sat on.

And there are the two other champions!

Breakfast was simplyyy awesomme, I had an eggs benedict and it was lurrrvveeelyy. It was soo yummy.

Since I had won all their money the previous night, breakfast was on the banker.

Afterwards, there was to be no rest for me, as I still had to organize a party!!! Stanley and me were co-organising a steamboat party at his place. We still had alot of shopping to do. But I was quite excited about it as I would get to don my "Dragon Suit"!!!

Darren contemplated joining me on my shopping expedition, but pretty quickly opted to head back to sleep!

Off I went to get Stanley's lazy ass out of bed.

First stop was cold storage where we had to buy all our veggies and some other basics, like mushrooms, pork, chicken.

We bought so much stuff here, look at stanley's face ... he had to hold me back! 200 bucks worth of veggies!!!

Next stop was unique seafood market, which is a really great place to get live seafood of all types. There are five layers of tanks stacked on top of one another, filled to the brim with seafood!

The last stop for the day was meidi ya for our sukiyaki beef!

The party went splendidly, except for some kooks who blatantly ignored our much emphasised theme of Shanghai Tang!
There is some of the gang enjoying their steamboat dinner thoroughly ...
The twin dragons are ready to win ALL your money mwahahaahah
Our entertainment for the night ....

Richard of Fabulous Tan wishes one and all GONG XI FA CAI!


I look damn fat lah

richard looks like an idiot

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