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Dum dum de dum .... Dum dum de dum!
Saturday, March 17, 2007
I've been so busy with the launch of Nuffnang malaysia, I've hardly had time for anything else.

If it isn't talking on the phone to Ewe Tiam, it is meetings with potential advertisers and programmers, or company administration work, the list goes on.

However ... there were two events in the week I simply had to attend! And two during which I tried not to strategise about how to make our bloggers money. My favourite of all affairs!

Yes, I know Josh is going to call me a poof the next time he sees me, but I really enjoy attending WEDDINGS!

I seem to be getting invites to my fair share of them too!

All in all, I've attended about 9 weddings in the last 9 months! What is going on!? Hehe, not that I'm complaining.

Anyway, on Sunday, it was off to Shangri-la for the union of Sharon and James. Sharon is Darren's sister. Darren is one of my closest friends, and he had reminded me of this joyous occassion since last year.

There he is, with me, in my pyschedelic tie (which incidentally belongs to my father, but has since been requisitioned by me!). Is nang (cool) no?

Therein lies the first reason why I like attending weddings. You get to dress up! I mean seriously, if I had the chance, I'd don my Tuxedo (Which I've worn only once) ALL the time! When I got one tailored for my brother's wedding, it felt oh soooo good.

And I promised myself, when I made it, I would go to the tailor everytime I felt like shit.

Of course I wasn't the only guy decked out. The whole gang looked like they had come of age!

The second reason why I love attending weddings is this. The guys dress up, but it is really the ladies who are the stars of the show. Without yang, there is no yin.

And boy, did they dress up. Take a look.

From left to right, the stunning Ezann, Tania and Sophia.

There might have been 500 other ladies there that evening, but I am sure these three commanded the room (save the bride of course!)
And they obliged lucky me, for a photo too! YATTAAA!!!

Anyway, the wedding banquet was a grand affair from start to finish. The shangri-la ballroom was filled with a thousand guests! And the whole atmosphere was splendid.

The first thing I noticed was this box on our table. Now I lurpe innovative wedding door gifts. You know, anything besides a fruit cake. This box looked like it had a massive fruit cake in there ... :-(
Opening it up however, i was surprised to see it contained this ....!

10 sachets of instant coffee! Customized! With their names, and the image of a rose. And a quote from Lao Tzu that read ...

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage."

I love anecdotes like these.

Let me skip on to the second wedding. Which was more of a trip down to the registry of marriages.

Not quite as glamorous as the previous one I had attended, but one of my army friends who knew I was into photography, has asked me if I could be the photographer for the day.

I readily agreed months ago, and I appreciated the honour.

The registry of marriages is one building in singapore they have got to change. It looks more like a clinic or government bureau than a place you seal the union with your life companion.

I mean check this out!

Its a que system! Sure its efficient! But can't you dress a guy up outside and call out names instead ... man ... no lomantic at all!

Hehe. Inside the a rather simple office, sat the solemniser.

I think my friends were amused at the solemniser's awkward use of mandarin, and they couldn't help laughing ... but they soon put on serious faces when a fiesty grandma standing behind put them in their place!

That din't hold up for long, and when they faced each other to exchange vow, they just cracked up! (The fiesty grandma gave up on them)

Two signatures, Two rings, and one kiss later ....

They were husband and wife.

Two weddings in one week gave me energy and joy for the hectic week that unfolded.

Ahhhhh ... don't u lurpee weddings!!!?


heheheh so when's your turn?:D I'll blog about it.( so you know la, must invite me. ;D)

woo... nice... taking advantage of chicks huh

Jolene- Aiyo! No time to pa tuo lah! So busyyyy!!! Although my mum has taken the liberty of planning everything liao!

Hahahha, it'll be in bali apparently.

Shireen- Hey there! No lah! So beautiful must take photo with them mah!

Hallo boss! Good day to you! How much ah nowaday to get marry??

wah sei... even the wife also she help u choose?

Horny ang moh- Well, last time I checked, very expensive!

A lifetime of commitment and controlling horny impulses in the wrong direction!


Jolene- Hahahaha, that I think is for me to decide!

Everything else down to the colour of wedding invite envelopes .. probably her ... unless my wife has something to say about it! .hahahahahaha

Boss: everybody asking it so i'm pushing it too, when your wedding?


lurp lurp weddings

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