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Monday, March 12, 2007
Sorry for the long break in my updates! I've been terribly busy with the launch of Nuffnang.com.my

The report card so far!? Its been simply amazing!

We started out with a modest aim of attracting 300 bloggers within three months. Barely two weeks on, we have 250 in the fold, and counting.

Malaysian bloggers from all walks of life have come together to support a local product they hope will succeed. And its been simply heartening.

The greatest joy for me is meeting the faces behind the blogs.

I got the chance to do so at the latest Blog meet. "Together Gather" blog meet organised by Wingz and his committee.

I took the trip down specially for this meet, because firstly, I wanted to Thank first hand, the bloggers who had supported us. And secondly, because Nuffnang had set up a booth to service queries and signups.

It was to be a whirlwind trip. Left Singapore on Fri morning 730AM, left KL on Sat morning 8Am. I had a wedding to attend in Singapore ( I lurrpppee weddings).

Anyway, it was going to be a long night for me and tiam, but chee giat so kindly made us chicken soup for the soul!!! I drank it up, so mindful of the support we were getting from all quarters, and that helped me smile throughout the night!

In my last entry, I wrote about the people who gave me strength. My dad is one of them. I took him away from his favourite Korean Drama serial the night before to help me put together my press kit!

He is adept at making CD labels, so I got him in on designing one for my kit, since there was word the press would be at the blog meet. Check it out.

Anyway, after drinking up our chicken soup, we set off. We gave ourselves plenty of time to get there as we did not want to be late, and there was alot to set up.

The function room at the federal hotel was looking spectacular. We were in for an event, i thought to myself.

The team we had hired, got around to setting up our backdrop and signage. Me and Tiam did up the table, putting up our lovely premiums, which Tiam had been in charge of putting together.

This is the end result!

Hey, we like it!

I met soo many people, was quite busy running around, that I din't have the chance to take photos with many of them ... :-(

At least I got one with one of our earliest supporters! And a pretty girl too! Cely! Ok, so Jason and Bryan were in the photo too. Hehe, excuse me for my lack of excitement (I don't quite swing that way).

Thank you all for your support. Over the next few entries in this blog, I will be highlighting the key features of Nuffnang.com so the full potential of the site is realized. Stay tuned!


Nice meeting you! And I think I oso forget to take a pic with you as well.

Congratulations on reaching 250 bloggers! That's quite a good number, and the fact that people have bothered to sign up means you're doing something right.

However, I'm pretty curious of the quality...out of those 250 bloggers, what is their average traffic like?

Since Nuffnang's minimum qualification is 20 visits a day...so if 250 bloggers have 20 visits a day... that still does not even reach a quarter of a million impressions per month?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but what is the average blogger's traffic of those who signed up? 50? 100? visits a day?

ming!! good luck in ur nuffnang!! looking forward to earn more marneyy wif u so that i can kao more piao mei!!

Lilian- Nice meeting you too! And your son! Come to singapore and I'll host you!

Thank you for your support!

Anon- Thank you for your kind comments. Its true, 250 bloggers is a huge milestone for us.

The quality of the bloggers are excellent. We don't discriminate small from big. Everybody has a role to play. And in the long term, you will find that its the long tail that makes it work.

I can't reveal exact numbers to you. But our impressions are in the millions monthly right now. But we are charging by Unique visitors as our industry sources have told us that is what they are moving towards. It brings more value to both ends.

We are still collecting data and analysing it. But at the same time talking to some interested advertisers! In fact I've got a meeting in an hour with one! So wish me luck!

CK- Definitely man! Thanks for your support! We pao together can?

hello ming. nice to meet u.

Very nice picture of us. :)

great post partner

anonymous: hi josh.. how's it going?

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