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I lurpppp this photo!!!!
Sunday, April 15, 2007
Last wednesday, Yee Hou came by the Nuffnang office in penang, and took a couple of photos of the team.

I know I've been plugging the team left right center, but I just loveee this photo.

It makes me feel like getting up and shouting we have the best team in the worllddd!!! Google watch out!!!

Hahahah, far from it lah actually, there's still lots of room for improvement. Which is why, NUFFNANG IS HIRING! We're looking for a graphic designer and a PHP/Javascript programmer!

If you'd like to join the family (italian mob talk), then drop us an email via our contact us form, or drop me a comment here.


This comment has been removed by the author.

Hey Ming,
I am interested in the Graphic position, tried emailing some stuff over to admin@nuffnang but it seems like there are some problems going on with your mail server.

Hi Meng,

Why don't you drop me an email with your CV attached to ming AT nuffnang.com thanks.

hi there... off topic abit but
is it just me? or is nuffnang down? any problems? just thought i drop a notice.. which you guys could have picked up already...


opps.. looks ok now..
maybe its just me... keep up the good work guys. we need you to liven up the blogosphere in malaysia...


hie there, thanks for the ads... :) Hopefully more to come..

Dave and Calvin's Wife (Cool nick)- Thank you for supporting the Nuffnang community!

Not to worry, we'll chase down every single lead, create new ones, so we can make you heaps of money! :-)

You all coming for the pirates of the carribean event? Details to be released this week!

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> I lurpppp this photo!!!!

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