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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Its past 8pm, and once again, I'm still in the office!

I'm kinda getting used to the routine now. But really, I thought by breaking the mould and not working as a banker or consultant like most of my fellow LSE graduates, I would be avoiding the long hours ... and the travelling!

I couldn't have been more wrong. Late nights and travelling define my life at the moment! I've been in and out of malaysia so many times now, I could be mistaken for half malaysian!

Any regrets?

Hellzzz nooooo!

I'm having the time of my life right now with Nuffnang. I lurrppeee staying in late at the office (probably to the dismay of the nuffnang team), and I know its wierd, but having the guys around you working towards something new and fresh gives me a warmmm fuzzy feeelinng ... like warm chocolate milkkk on a rainy london day. Don't worry mum, I'm not gay. I just love my job.

Anyway let me introduce you to the dudes and dudettes who are in late with me today!

That's jazz and Joel, our ace programmers. They're working on some integration together, thats why they're sitting on the same table!

Thats uncle lee meng deep in thought. At 29 years of age, he's the oldest of the nuffnangers and performs a multitude of roles.

And of course there's my room mate Tiam, his evident addiction to beard papa strategically positioned within reach.

This is me after a long day, tired but happy! I lurpe Nuffnangers, and all things Nuffnang!

Yes, everytime I see this building, I step into the office and shout out loud, "HONEEYY, I'm home! Oh I forgot! I'm not married." Hehehe.

My extended family.

Left to right- Joel, Ewe Tiam, Myself, Lee Meng, Sheau Lan (Missing Jazz and LKS)


Wow, u guys have a cool office! Proud to be a member of Nuffnang! :)

Hey Jacq,

Come by our office and pay us a visit if you are in penang!

And come on, more like we're honoured to have you as a member!


Yup, will surely do drop by when I go there. If not late this year, then early next year! Can't wait! :)

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