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Bye kitty
Friday, May 18, 2007
I've always been a dog person.

Today, my brother picked up a stray cat which he had witnessed being run over by a car.

He brought it home and had to rush off for a meeting. I had to get derek to send it in to the vet as I was busy with an upcoming campaign in Singapore. Our first.

I put the little kitty in a box, put in some water in a container, and sent it off. The kitty looked bewildered, a little dazed as I carried the box out to the car.

The vet called back and said it would cost $250 to put it through a number of tests, and hospitalize it for one night.

I was going to come out with the money but my parents thought otherwise, and said we should put it to sleep instead.

At first I was very sad, but I can see where they're going. We've got two dogs in the house, and even on the off chance this kitty survived, who's going to take care of it?

But yet, to have life snuffed out of you so early in your life ....



Oh.. poor thing.. =(

Bye bye kitty!!!

Sometime this is the best for it. have a nice day.

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