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Where was ming the pirate?
Friday, May 25, 2007
Yes I think I owe my malaysian nuffnangers an apology! I should have been at Pirates dressed as a genie, but instead I was in Singapore.

I've got a good excuse however.

A couple of weeks back, I got an email from the digital movement who were interested in getting Nuffnang involved in an event they were putting together.

The Digital Movement consists of a bunch of geeks and geekettes, who've come together to explore technology and its impact on society. They successfully pulled off a major event called Nexus earlier in the year, and were following up with a smaller, more targeted event for bloggers called Blog Out!

Hahaha, don't ask me why, but they set their first meeting with me on a Saturday! And the night before, I had brought Su Ann for phantom and prawn fishing till 3AM, after which I woke up at 7 to send her off to her coach station. So yes, I woke up at 11AM, and ambled to my car where I had left my mobile, and had like 7 missed calls and messages. I was like "FUGGGGGGG!!!!!!!" I hate being late, it gives me a terrible feeling. Literally, I flew out of my jammies, brushed my teeth, and headed out looking like a train had just hit me.

Hehe, ok, so the guys were looking for a sponsor, but still, they were very nice about me being late. I would have been KNN I'm going to kick some butt! My coffee is cold, get me a new one biatch!

Anyway, I don't know why, I don't know how! But 24th of May seems to be a magical date. You see, I actually had 3 events of momentous importance to choose from that day.
1) Nuffnang Pirates of the Caribbean 3
2) Blog out

3) Champions League Final

I'm sure most of you know I'm a die hard man u fan. And leading 2-1 in the first leg, I was pretty sure I was off to Athens. I mean I would literally BEG, BORROW and STEAL to catch Man U vs Liverpool. I was going to PULL EVERY SINGLE STRING I HAD to get to this dream match.
The night before the second leg of the AC milan game, I told Ewe Tiam, you had better pray Man U loses, because if they're in, there is no chance I'm missing it.
I got up early in the morning dreaming of the treble, I crawled back into bed, stoned, and stared at the ceiling for the next hour before tiredness overcame me.

So it was now between Blog Out and Pirates.

I REALLY wanted to go for Pirates, but I thought, Blog Out was going to be an awesome event (being organised by awesome people), and at the same time, supporting this event kinda meant initiating our very first Nuffnang Singapore initiative. So I HAD to stay ... boo hoo hoo ....

Was I dissapointed?

Not at all (Estee twisting my arm here)! The event was held at the Geek Terminal, a new tech based cafe for geeks. Pretty nice place at Market Street, within the financial district. the place was set up pretty well.

What do you come to a blog meet for? To meet bloggers right!?

Well, I met a cool dude called Kevin. Mr Kevin goes around everywhere with a backpack that would make Inspector gadget look like a school boy.

He's got these two cameras on his shoulders that film everything he does. Hehe, except for the essential things la .... ... its just the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities, la la la. Check it out here.

This is he.

And that is me too by the way with my Nuffnang tie, which the Nuffnang team, my second family bought for me! Thank you guys, it was undoubtedly my best bday present, and that says alot cause I got a whole lot of good shit!

Then there was Genie, a Singer who launched her album on her blog! Quite a cool story. She's bubbly and really friendly, so it was a true pleasure to meet a superstar in the making. I mean, how cool is it, if one day, you've got a girlfriend singing her song in the KTV ... I'd be like ... hey ... I know her ... and then next time I'd see her, she'lll be like mingg whoooo??? Nuffnangg whatt???


One of our Nuffnang members has been so enthusiastic about the event, I was very much looking forward to meeting her.

None other than Sheylara! A great supporter of the Nuffnang community, and a great writer, and freelance actress! Actually I call her Sheylara so much, maybe I should call her by her real name from now on ...

The program included a panel discussion

And roundtable discussions where everybody could choose what topics they wanted to participate in.

Here is bernard who is a guru in all things football (we talked football over wine with his irish lecturer friend), holding up the topic on my table!

I think our table was the most lively one. And the views represented were engaging and thougtful.

Overall, a well planned and executed event.
One last thing I've got to say. Credit must go to Estee of the digital movement. Yes I am singling out a person, whilst I understand how important the team is to everything.

From planning the event, to communicating with the sponsors, and doing a damn great job at MC-ing, she was splendid.

This is she

KUDOS to her and the team for an event well done. Zhen He, Chern Jie, and the rest!

And thanks for the cup. Its great!


Your Singaporean Genie is a lot prettier than our Malaysian Genie. LOL. (i.e. Tim in that Aladin garb)

Thank MING!!! Appreciate alllll your help! :) really... yay! A lot of things could have been done better on our part, but BlogOut2 is going to RAWK your world, really. Then u can come as a pirate! :)

Hey, I was looking forward to meeting you too. :) You can continue calling me Sheylara if that's easier for you. I use both my names interchangeably. :P Sometimes I can't decide, lol.

Dude, you sure ur a Man Utd fan?

Man Utd vs AC Milan first leg SF was a 3-2 win for the Red Devils.


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