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Soooo busy!!!
Thursday, June 07, 2007
Nuffnang has been growing leaps and bounds.

After arriving back from London on Sunday afternoon, I flew off to Penang on Monday to help consolidate and grow our team.

The nuffnang community has been undergoing tremendous growth. We now have 4,000 bloggers spread across Malaysia and Singapore, and are negotiating on many fronts to get bloggers deals.

This means greater demands on our website, and thus the need to expand the technical team, and also greater demands for more ads, thus the need to expand our marketing and admin team.

No we're not making money yet! But hey, you need to invest for future growth!

Look at how full our office is!!! We've had to buy and put up two extra tables in our room.

Yesterday (wednesday) was also boss steweie's bday, so we took the opportunity to have a company lunch at one of our advertiser's restaurant! Food Loft at gurney plaza!

I'm not saying this because they gave us the business, but the place is pretty impressive. The decor is very tasteful and the view idyllic. Check it out.

It's kind of like the marche concept, but with a more international flavour. There is chinese, italian, japanese to choose from. YOu get a card at the door, and rake up the charges by ordering and presenting your card.

The happy Nuffnang team lapping up all the good food.

After the lunch, I introduced the latest initiative in our google wannabe board (our staff welfare initiative). In jan/feb, we introduced medical benefits for our staff, March/April, was the introduction of our cheesels filled pantry.

For may and june, I thought we should continue pursuing our aim of being a learning organisation. As such, I introduced an annual book allowance for our staff to grow our library.

You can't really call it a library at the moment, here it is, but one day, when we have our own Nuffnang campus office, an entire room will be a dedicated library!

I've been told the latest programming resources can be found online, and printed publications lag behind. Nonetheless, I hate reading online, and felt it would be a good practice to have some of these books as training material, and quick references that our staff could take back home.

Therefore, I brought all my guys to MPH after lunch to shop!

Look at them here, engrossed in the latest programming and graphic design material!

A good shopping trip extended the size of our libary by that bit closer to my dream of an entire room filled with books.

It is satisfying to see a company grow. Satisfying to see so many people huddled over computers, laughing and joking with one another. It made me understand why google has a philosophy of cramming as many people into as small a space as possible.

This week I interviewed and hired 3 extra people! Two for the technical team, and one for the marketing team. As radical as that may sound, we are not stopping there!

First of alll deng deng deng deng ..... (sorry tiam), we're starting an office in KL! It's clear that most of boss stewie's meetings are there, therefore the need for a base. I'll let tiam tell you guys the rest.

At the same time, we're stepping up the recruitment program for the singapore office. At this point of time, we need interns.


eh? u in london meh?

hurray kl office nice :D congrats ming

Somehow this post gives me the impression that you guys want to be the next Google! A mini Google, perhaps? Hehe...

ur "job ads" is pretty interesting and creative... good good...
should publish at the newspaper... and i'll bet u gonna get a ton of job application letter....

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