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Somewhere in changi ....
Tuesday, August 21, 2007
I've been hanging out at Mike and Wendy's new place alot recently. That really is a feat considering they stay on the other side of Singapore, and I have an insane petrol bill as proof of that.

Now that they've got their own place, and a nice one at that, everytime I visit them, its reminiscent of my uni days in london which I really miss.

This is apt 205, my home for 2 years! Now rented out ... boo hoo!

In london, everybody has their own flats, and really we're living a self sufficient life in a sense (on our parent's account of course, which makes those years the best).

On a sunday, I'd troop down to arya's or tim's or kelly's, and we'd just chill out. Go out grocery shopping, buy food back in, cook, and eat over whatever was on TV. Probably Top Gear. At tim's we'd order in morley's indian food (THE BEST INDIAN TAKEAWAY IN THE WORLD), and my indian delivery man would be, "AHH DOI DOI, SARRR WHERE HAVE YOU BEENNNN!!?", and then we'd head off to the pub for a drink and some football.

It feels the same when I visit Mike and Wendy. One of the things you need to do when you move into a new place is to deck it out.

Making a house into a home. With space of your own, you find yet another compelling need to consume.

When I called on my favourite couple on Saturday afternoon, they were just taking delivery of their new sofa!

It took a while to assemble, but when done, behold a thing of beauty!!! YAY!

Now my mum has specifically told me, before you marry a girl, make sure she is neat and oraganised!

Wendy is the last person in this world I would think is organised (hehe :-p peace!), but I was surprised when I ventured into their bedroom.

She's set up a "princess corner". A deliberate ploy to "demanify" mike (he hou man, she dun like). EVERY SQUARE INCH OF THAT SECTION, where her computer is and there is a little sitting area is covered in pink! She plans to paint the walls pink too. To tell you the truth, I dunno why, I quite like it. I guess it speaks of her individual flavour. I dun think I'd like it if my gf did the same thing to our room, but .... hey ....

I've veered away from the point as I always do. Be amazed at how neatly she has arranged all her stuff!

Future wife, if you are reading this, you'll have to take tips from wendy before mum comes over to inspect our place. One other thing I noticed was that there was hand soap in the toilet. AGAIN, my mum has said, any home that does not have hand soap ... tsk tsk ... yes lah, my mum is quite the home maker! Very meticulous.

After dinner we headed off to carrefour to buy their bicycles.

As I was browsing the place, I found the perfect housewarming gift for the both of them! A pink rice cooker!

Dear wendy and mike, congratulations on your new home together.

The prime minister approves of cohabitation, and hopes to see many babies bouncing around soon enough lest the whole of singapore becomes like radin mas (After you get married lah .... wink wink).

And uncle ming would like to be godfather.


ming your london apartment is so nice!!!!!

when i move to singapore in a couple of months, all my and martian's toilet paper will be pink. hahaha then when you come for our housewarming i let u use the toilet paper :D

Haha.. not many boys would admit to liking cute pretty pink..

that white couch looks so comfortable!

Gawd. Why must females subversively feminize guys through forcing them to have soft toys in their car, or to have silly nicknames.

Guys, let just beat one over the head and bring them home.

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