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Its true! We are shallow creatures!
Sunday, September 09, 2007
I'm watching 200 pounds beauty right now, a korean romantic comedy. And I must say, it is a fantastic show.

I love korean movies and "My Sassy Girl" was an all time favourite for me. I've seen it too many times to remember.


If you havn't seen the movie and intend on watching it, don't read this.

Essentially, the movie centers around a fat but vocally talented girl. The first bit really is about how she "ghost sings" for a hot babe, and secretly admires her producer. Hahaha, my friend darren and I are in total agreement, that this is the least interesting part of the entire movie.

I mean ... fat girl hugging hot guy ..... veryyy interesting ... unique .... just not entertaining. I was in and out of my room, on the internet half of the time.

Fat girl loves hot guy, hot guy loves hot girls -----> therefore fat girl needs to look hot.

She goes for "full bodied" plastic surgery (If that is even possible), new boobs, new face, new eyes, new legs, new waist new everything. AND WALA!

Out of the sillicone factory emerges .... ... a thing of beauty!

Hahaha, i mean wowwww! This girl is soooooo hot! She has the innocence and beauty look built into her.

My favourite part of the movie comes when her overzealous driving skills lands her into the back of a taxi.

At first the cabbie responds typically (like how mine did when I rammed his back). Got out of the car, and started feigning inujury (Bloody taxi drivers , when they bang you, its about their family, when you bang them, its about their back).

Hahaha, he does this all the way until he sees that it is a hot babe who has banged into his back. And all of a sudden, it is totally ok. THE FIRST QUESTION HE ASKS is "Are you OKAY!!?"

I'm sorry to admit it, but if I were the cabbie, I'd do exactly the same thing. Ahhh the perks of being beautiful and wearing a skirt.

Watch it if you havn't. I will again for sure ....


So you're totally okay if u ever rammed into my car, I get out & slap your face? Good on ya!

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> Its true! We are shallow creatures!

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