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7 minutes on the lips, 7 inches on the hips!
Thursday, October 04, 2007

Right about now, a good friend of mine, is at Changi Airport leaving for Shanghai! He's going there to work, abandoning his eating and hiking kaki ... WHOOOO WILL WALK WITH ME UP BUKIT TIMAH HILLLLL!!!??? WHOOOO!!!????

To tell you the truth, I have not known Darren for a long time.

We met slightly over a year ago. I was back in London for my convocation and meeting with a friend of mine, Michelle See. This is she (A malaysian in Singapore colours waving the Singaporean flag! TRAVESTYYYY!!! MWAHHAHAHA, I LIKE!).

Anyway, the 3 of us proceeded down to Mayflower chinese restaurant in London in the weeee hours of the morning. I'd never been there in my 3 years in London, although darren and michelle swore by the place. I dare say they swore by it! Because Darren walloped 2 whole crabs by himself, and michelle an entire lobster!

It was the care with which Darren carefully disected each piece of crabmeat that struck me. He savoured every piece slowly and purposefully. I thought to myself, "This guy likes his food!".

I did not have anything to eat that night, but I love my food, and many a good friend of mine has been made over the hawker or restaurant table.

When I got back to Singapore in the summer, I made the effort to give him a call to go out and makan! The rest is culinary history.

So much food has gone down our gullet, I'm not even sure where to start.

Look at those succulent prawns at one of our favourite KL haunts. Soo Kee Brother. It is scrumptous!

This is the beautiful HOkkien mee in Chinatown KL. Damn yum man. Damn oily. Damn sinful, but hey, who gives a shit

Hahhaahaa, Darren did. The next morning, after sending me off to the Bus stop, PIAK PIAK PIAK PIAK PIAKKKKKK!!!!

What I've really enjoyed about our friendship though, is that like me, Darren is always up for something new. To discover new places, or activities.

Like how one Friday night, Stanley asked me to go clubbing (An activity I'm not particularly fond of), and I said, "I'm going off to the fish market". It took him a while to understand that I was visiting the wholesale fish market! After which he replied curtly, "SIAO!"

I'm glad to report it was a real fun experience, and I'd like to go back there sometime soon.

It was also Darren who introduced me to Prawn fishing. We've had many successes at the prawn pond. MANY MANY! We are pro prawn fishers! Anybody who wants tips can come to us! Right mr chin! Remember our catch at Marina South Pond! Wah something to be proud of man!

Anyway, thanks for hooking up my worms when I didn't have the balls to. *I can't kill live animals. I like to eat dead and cooked ones though.*

We don't just do unhealthy things too. We've gone hiking a number of times. I think that is what I'll miss most. Not many other hiking kakis, although I'm trying to get a certain beautiful girlfriend to go with me. Estee dear *wink wink*.

This is when WE conquered the treetop walk in KL. Damn scary k. But I walked the whole thing, yes i did! CONQUERED MY FEARS I DID.

And then there were the day trips. Like to Meleka and Desaru (I swear there is a waterfall there!)

Its always been about food with my FAT friend darren (This is payback for the facebook wall post).

But its all good, and its probably the one thing that keeps our friendship going strong.

Two nights ago, me, leonard, estee trooped off to his house at 11pm, where he cooked some yummy foie gras for us.

From the butchers.

To the car.

To the pan.

To our plates.

To our hips. YUMMMMM.

VideoJug: How To Make Sautéed Foie Gras

Anyway dude, gonna miss the hiking, eating and tripping. Try to lose some of that blubber when you're over there! Remember 7 minutes on the lips = 7 inches on the hip.

p.s. Chinese women, and hot babes reading this blog. In louie's words, this is a good catch here (Dun say I no plug you!) TC. See you chinese new year.


Darren: I chop you for my best fren ok. Guarantee chop you satisfied! You make sure you don't get yourself attached ok?

Come back soon too! By that time, we (by that I mean Ming) would have mastered the art of sauteeing foie gras - promise! -

Ming: You look so cute on the swaying suspension bridge I want to hug you!

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