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Nuffnang Comapany Year End Dinner Part 1
Thursday, December 20, 2007
I know, I know! Ming has been a baaaaddd baaaaadd blogger. My legions (hehe) of readers dying to get the latest updates have been starved of information. They're in the cold turkey phase by now.

Anyway, December has been a superrrr busy month for me. Besides the campaigns we have launched, there is also the festive programme for Nuffnang. We just had another screening of National Treasure 2 at Suntec Eng Wah yesterday for 200 bloggers, and guests. This is our third such screening in 5 months! First one, Rush Hour 3 at Vivocity, Second one Enchanted at Great World City, and now this one.

If you're wondering why we choose movie screenings, its for the simple reason, that its the easiest, most cost efficient way of reaching out to large numbers of people. 600 Nuffnangers has enjoyed our screenings so far.

Me and Huiwen feel like seasoned mass event organisers. The process gets smoother with each event!

Anyway, last friday, the 14th of December, was our first Nuffnang year end/christmas dinner. I had mooted the idea to timothy, and he saw the merits of having the whole team together for just one evening. KL was chosen for convenience, and me and huiwen headed up north, whilst the penang nuffies headed down south.

Being holiday season, my usual coach was fully booked, so I decided to try another service. Airebus business class.

What an adventure. All credit to Airebus, I overheard a number of people (presumably) regulars talking about how good it was, it must have been their unlucky day. Or ours!

Me and Huiwen has opted to leave early (actually i chose), at 8AM, so we could get in to KL and have lunch with the team. The bus was 15 minutes late. After which, there was a jam at the second link (friday jam presumably, and no fault of the coach company) which delayed us another half an hour.

But wait a minute! My seat belt isn't working!!! WTF!!! I know I'm Kiasi!!! BUT MY MUM ALWAYS SAYS, "WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT and DON'T SEAT IN FRONT". NOOOOOO!!!! Hahaha.

Midway through we stop by for a break. One that the driver well deserves (since our lives are in his hands). It is announced as a 10 minute break. Ends up being half an hour long (Don't ask me why). I'm relieved as we chug out of the rest stop, but then .... chug chug chug ... wtf ..... the bus is on the shoulder. Dead.

Nobody tells us what is going on, until we light the torches, and mob like, threaten to lynch the clueless stewardess who informs us it's her first day.

After 15 minutes, the line is "ABANDON SHIPPPP!!!!" We're transferring you to other buses.

Our poor clueless stewardess on her first day! Well, dear, you live and you learn! Dun look so worried!

Refusing to yield to my inherent (since I'm singaporean) Kiasu tendancies, I refuse to rush out for the first available rescue coach. Unlike a mother who comandeers her 3 kids, and her sister or something, in an authoritiative tone, "COME KIDS, LETS GO! GET YOUR STUFF TOGETHER LETS GO! LETS GOOO LETSS GOOOOOOOOOO!"

No offence malaysians, but most of the times I don't regard your country as being efficient. The north south highway however, is probably the most efficient "body" in your country. Be proud. Within 5-10 minutes of us breaking down, a highway patrol car had pulled up behind us.

And guess what, eager mum, it took another 20 minutes, but all of a sudden the bus came back to life!!!! ITs aliveee!!! How? Apparently the patrol car had supplied our driver with some key spare parts. Malaysia north south highway patrol BOLEH!

We reached KL close to 4pm, over 3 hours late, and we were not happy bunnies. TV no work, Seat Belt no work, Bus Broke down. Look at huiwen's face.

Esther, kindly came to pick us up at Crowne plaza, and the office being close by, we took the LRT and walked.

AHhhh, it was greaaatt to be in an office full of Nuffies hard at work. Busy bees scurrying about their daily tasks.

One of the important tasks which we had set aside time for, was the signing of our christmas cards! We had printed customised cards for our clients, and key partners, so we all had to sign.

We formed a "production" line. With each of us signing and passing it down the line. BUTT AIYOOOOO, look where the backlog is lah!!!! SMILEY FACED FIR!!! Hehe, and slow and steady RAFF of course!

If you can bear the sound of me humming to a christmas song, you can check out a video of our production line (Taken expertly by Lee Meng), below.

We were already late for our dinner reservation at KLCC, but we could not leave the office without taking a group photo. Nuffnangers, I give you the Nuffies who work hard everyday to keep our community buzzing with life.

Details of the dinner itself in my second part. Stay tuned! Happy holidays!


Lesson learnt: Next time, stick to the old bus no matter what happens or take the cars. Or else, suffer!!!! And that those roads with patrol cars.

I am surprised with the patrol police though..cause most of time, no offence either (I am a malaysian), these services are kinda slow...Then, i cant help to shout too.. PLUS PATROL POLICE BOLEH! haha..

i'm so happy that you praise our north south highway patrol!!! :D :D :D first time you say something nice about us. sniff!

next time take NICE bus. They are NICER to you wan!

walau, that random pic of me and huewen walking across the street also you put up. haha

Hi Ming....

Just stopping by to say hi...looks like in the everyone is having fun despite the unfortunate mishaps you guys were facing...

I been there and done that...and understood the terror...I had a really horrible experience too about bus services...recently...but still finding time to blurt it out hahahhaha....busy..busy..busy!

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