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I'm on TV!!!!
Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Hehe not really lah,

On saturday morning, I was hanging around Raffles Place waiting for Jac and my other LSE friends for lunch. These two eager bunny reporters popped out of nowhere and asked, "Can we do a short interview with you?"

I hesitated for a moment and asked them what they had in mind.

When they said they were doing a special on valentines day, I squirmed and said "No way!!!"

I hadn't made any specific plans yet, and to tell you the truth, had simply been too busy to do so.

Their dissapointment was obvious, and after a bit more cajoling, I agreed to it, thinking I was doing them a favour and they would go easy with me on the questioning.
Fat hope! The line of questioning had been designed to discomfort me!

First one: Are you attached!? I answered that I was not.

Just warming up here, Second one: Do you have a date for valentines day? Little bit more embarrasing (I was going to pick up my phone right there and then) ... but No.

Third question: Are you going to get a date? Errr ... no ....

Fourth one (Wam bam): Do you need help!!!?

Ok ok, I'm exagerating, and they din't really ask me if I needed help! But it was akin to that. Basically, they were covering an issue of relationship seminars, workshops and agencies as avenues to promote romance, and asking me for my opinions. So they asked me if I would consider going for one of these seminars or approaching one of these agencies.

After having watched the interview, my interest was slightly piqued at these seminars. A number of people had actually said they would consider it. I flat out rejected it.

Let me digress for a moment so I can continue on the topic.

My V day dilemna was resolved rather easily when my mum "advised" me, we would be going out for dinner as a family. My father and mother have been married for 18 wonderful years, and they were married on V day. My brother and sister in law got married the same day last year, and if all goes according to plan, my mum says so will I and my two sisters!

So off we went today to Hua Ting (Our favourite chinese restaurant, Chef Chan is pure genius), for a family V day dinner. The dinner was great. I'm really not over complimenting the chef when I say that his culinary skill is up there with the top chinese chefs of Asia. Even hong kong! The first two dishes for example were heavenly.

Hua Ting's duck is legendary. And frankly, it beats any duck I have EVER tasted. Including (sorry tiam) Four Seasons. BY FAR. It has to be said anyway it is a different experience altogether. Eating those two slices of duck is like eating two slices of WAGYU DUCK. Have you ever imagined anything like that!? Imagine no more.

The second course was as the menu describes it a "Braised cream of spinach with fresh scallop soup" which looked rather ... green .... and I'm not one for green stuff ... but it was so tasty I savoured every last drop. I'm not going to upload the photo of my half drunk soup as that would not do it justice. But trust me ... mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm

ANYWAY, ON TO THE MAIN POINT! One of our family friends (who had joined us for dinner), recounted to all of us at the table a really sweet TRUE V day story.

Apparently, a couple had gone to the zoo together. The lady very unfortunately dropped her ring into a crack on the ground and it dissapeared. It was only a $138 dollar ring, but it meant alot to her. They tried to retrieve it to no avail. Her husband was distraught too, and thought he would drop his own one in too (even though it was not a small sum to him), so the rings would at least be "together". They eventually decided against it, and informed the zoo personel hoping against hope they would find it.

The zoo, perhaps touched by what had transpired, (and also a practical need to fix the crack), whilst repairing the crack, retrieved the ring, and invited this couple back for a specially arranged V day dinner.

How did this conversation come about? A conversation about BIG and NICE diamonds. What did it reinforce in my mind? It's really not about the colour or size of diamond that matters. All that is irrelevant. This couple had something far more precious than that, and something a seminar or workshop is in my humble opinion unable to inspire in a relationship. So onward all ye souls! And never relinquish the quest for true love. Happy Valentines Day to everybody!

"Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for. "


Hey Kangkong ! How are things going... hahah just heard the guru speak on Asiaone :P

Hope you are keeping gd :)

LOL! Ohmygod, so your love for kangkong is that deep.(referring to your nickname).

I love to eat kangkong stir fried with garlic and a little bit of salt and water. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Eh! How can your parents be married for 18 years? You cannot be 17 years old. You must be about 22 or 23 years old right?

Kelvin- Of course I am well bitch! Drop me a phone call to check lah mofo! Hahahaha, hope you're having fun in london. Miss it like a bitch.

Jolene- The kangkong thing is a little bit of a sick joke between me and my good friend kelvin. I'll have to tell you about it when you next come down to singapore.

Sharp ah you. But thing is ... my parents concieved me, raised me for five years then decided to get married. They were quite hippy lah ......

Joking lah!!! Its my step dad and mum I was talking about. My step dad brought me up.

Hahah bro :) seems like this kangkong thingy is spreading like wildfire :P Anyway have a prosperous lunar new year and may the year of the pig bring you and your family good fortune :) (ps: my phone cant call overseas la bro)

Anyway you tk care and see you around yea :)

Hahah bro :) seems like this kangkong thingy is spreading like wildfire :P Anyway have a prosperous lunar new year and may the year of the pig bring you and your family good fortune :) (ps: my phone cant call overseas la bro)

Anyway you tk care and see you around yea :)

That was a long digression =P
Nevertheless, the duck looks juicy...But 2 pieces only. Shit this is not helping my early morning hunger.

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